Sunday, December 6, 2009

A few pics from around the homestead...

This is Nicole @ Bugaboos Creations posting for my mom today. I got her to email me a few pictures from around her house as well as her craft area. Enjoy!

This is her craft area. I would totally craft here! I wish my living room were as pretty as this! She told me to tell you it's messy as she had been working but uh messy? Yeh you should see ( my grams is crackin up on that about now ) mine.

More crafting space...I love love love that cabinet. She just repainted it, she has been repainting all of her stuff, she does this oh about every 6 months or so, haha.

She is working on this little cutie now for her etsy shop.

And this little guy too :)

I loveeeeee the ceiling tiles, so cool. She makes or buys and refinishes all of her furniture pieces. I wish my paint jobs looked half as good as hers!

Love this, so cute!

Love this.

She made this. Inside is covered in toile paper. I love it. The top opens up and then there is a drawer too.

She collects clocks, she has so many neat ones. She wants a wall of them and I am sure has enough by now.

That's All! I am going to post another with a few new dolls she has going up in etsy. They are so Adorable!

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