Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New to blogging and some New Angel Dolls....

Welcome to Patty Cake Primitives! I am still trying to figure out this blogging thing. My daughter Nicole over at Bugaboos Creations said it's a must! I have been crafting since my teens, I started out teaching myself how to sew, then I got into woodworking, and now I do a little of both, though it's mostly sewing. I have been selling on ebay under PattyCakePrimitives for a few years now, I stopped last winter as I moved, and tons of other boring things happened that I won't go into detail about. I do construction in the summers which takes up ALL of my time so in the winter I sew sew sew as much as I can. I just listed my first 2 things on etsy tonight here. I am going to try etsy and skip ebay for awhile.

This sweet sweet girl is made of both paper mache and paper clay, I sculpted her head out of paper clay then painted, and antiqued it. She is up in my etsy shop right here.


 Aren't her little ornaments the sweetest?


 I have been making these for years. These are neat displayed on an old door or hanging from a prim shelf or cupboard. She is available in my etsy shop as well right here.


Well I will have lots of things to come! I have been painting and making lots of furniture and will show befores and afters! I hope you stick around as I can't wait to share more of my projects with you!

Thanks for Stopping over at Patty Cake Primitives!


Six in One Hand said...

Welcome to bloggyland!!!

Your creations are simply amazing!!!
I can't wait to see what else you present to us...mere peasants in your crafting splendor.

I will be blogging about you tomorrow so that all of bloggy land can know about your awesome new blog and shop!!!

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