Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Past creations....lots of pictures...

I don't have anything finished up today, so I thought I would share some past creations...Enjoy :)

A cabinet I made out of old doors.

A door table I made with old door.

A shelf out of an old window. It's amazing what you can do with those old doors and windows!

A dollhouse I built out of a kit. Wouldn't you like to move in?

The inside which as you can see was unfinished.

I made these one year for Valentines day.

Some mitten ornies...

and stockings...Oh wait, what's it hanging on? Yes, an old window.

A snowman....

I liked this guy in his striped pjs.

This is one of my favorite Santas, sometimes it's hard to get rid of your creations.

Gingerbread ornies. These are fun and pretty easy to make, and they smell good and last forever.

Another old door cabinet...

Some dollies I made having tea :)

A bench....

My porch a few years back decorated for Christmas. I have not decorated a thing this year. We have moved and I just haven't gotten into it yet.

That's it! Pretty boring, right? Have a Great Thursday!

Sherry @ Patty Cake Primitives

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